Unejõgi (Dream River): Meelika Hainsoo – hääl (vocals), Mirjam Tally – elektroonika (electronics). Unejõgi is an Estonian/Swedish duo that is mixing Estonian runic songs with electronic sounds: Meelika Hainsoo (vocals) and Mirjam Tally (electronics). Unejõgi (dream river) flows through mythological runic songs and takes listeners to a strange and mystical world. These stories are a bit like fairy tales that talk about a mermaid being born from a fish; about geese disappearing from a flock; about a horn found in the woods and so on. These runo-pictures sung by Meelika are surrounded by Mirjams beautiful and mysterious soundscapes. That is how the eternal dream river flows from one world to another, bringing with it a sense of timelessness, wonder and humanity.

Ehted kadunud (The jewelry gone missing), visuals by Anton Myrin:

There are several types of Estonian folksongs and Meelika sings the older type called runic songs. Runic songs are probably thousand to two thousand years old and were common among Finnish-Ugric and Baltic folk tribes. In Estonia, the runic songs were common up to the middle of the 19th century when the newer type of folksongs became more popular. There are many epic ballades among runic songs. There are unusually long runic songs which are about work, herding animals and weddings.

Küla mul käskis vait olla (The village told me to be silent). Video directed by Ene-Liis Semper and Tiit Ojasoo, NO99:

Veere päevakene (Roll along, day), visuals by Anton Myrin:

Kolm nurme (Three fields), visuals by Liis Viira: